Entertainment Ice Arena

City of Walker Ice and Fitness Center

PROJECT DETAILS: The facility includes a 33,000 square foot ice arena with five full-size team locker rooms, a 25,000 square foot fitness center and approximately 22,000 square feet of common space. The building envelope incorporated precast concrete wall panels for energy efficiency and durability and an EPDM roof, which serves as a reverse vapor barrier in the summer months when the outside temperature is much higher than that in the ice arena. An indirect ammonia based refrigeration system, state of the art desiccant dehumidifier and a reverse osmosis water treatment system were incorporated to insure that Walker's ice surface would be the clearest, fastest and most economical to maintain in the Grand Rapids area. The fitness center includes an aerobics room, cardio theatre, free weights, tanning booths, saunas, steam rooms and in house towel laundry facilities. The common areas include an information center, childcare center, pro shop, skate rentals, video arcade, food court and conference rooms.
LOCATION: Walker, Michigan
OWNER: City of Walker