Willow Run Middle School

PROJECT DETAILS: Willow Run Community Schools is a suburban district in southeastern Michigan with 2,673 students. The Willow Run area serves as a home base for people who commute to work inYpsilanti, Ann Arbor, and Detroit. Due to its easy access to these larger cities, Willow Run has a very transient population, and its enrollment and revenues tend to fluctuate. About 60% of its students are African American, and 37% are white. The district faces some challenges related to poverty; about 63% of students are from low-income families. Willow Run Middle School was placed in restructuring in 2003-04. Over the summer of 2004, the district built a new building and restaffed the school.
LOCATION: Ypsilanti, Michigan
OWNER: Willow Run Community Schools
ARCHITECT: Kingscott