Residential Structural Engineering Services

High-end homeowners have high-end expectations. We get that.

It’s important to begin with the end in mind. To understand the goals and aspirations of the home owner and to fully comprehend the vision of the architect. All this before we perform a single calculation.

At SAI, we get that. We get that the framing is meant to recede from view and reveal the beautiful space within. That the structure must work with the intended finishes and visual presentation. We recognize that high-end home owners have high-end expectations, and our team has the ideal qualifications, experience, and insight to discover or invent the solution best suited to meet those expectations. We get that the spirit of the original design must be preserved.

Residential structural engineer services project
Inside view of a SAI structural engineering house
Outside view of an SAI residential structural engineering project
SAI high end residential project
Beautiful home built with SAI
High end home
Structural architecture for a house
Inside of a great looking home
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