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Bill Arens Avatar
Bill Arens
4/25/2022 - Google

I've worked with Matt and his team at SAI on various projects ranging from new builds to complex renovations of historic downtown buildings. As an architect (and representative for my clients), I appreciate SAI's straightforward approach and creative solutions. I would recommend SAI to anyone in need of structural solutions for their building projects.

Justin McFarlane Avatar
Justin McFarlane
3/24/2022 - Google

SAI has been AMAZING to work with, quick turn arounds, even on the most difficult tasks, fair pricing, quality designs, and they are nice people...what more could you ask for?

Patrick Brechting Avatar
Patrick Brechting
12/25/2021 - Google

SAI is has been a wonderful partner on a multitude of projects. Their team is intelligent, creative, and responsive. They know how to get you the information that you need to keep the design process moving forward. I look forward to working with SAI on many future projects.

Jennifer Dameron Avatar
Jennifer Dameron
12/25/2021 - Google

We are absolutely satisfied with Structural Associates! Matt Kromkeholds a wonderful team of engineers which whom provide QUICK responses, great quality services. And who doesn't like to save money? Their fee's have been more than reasonable. And by the way Mr. Matt Kromke knows good pizza places, we had a wonderful business lunch together. I'd make SAI your go-to engineer!

Victor Scalzo Avatar
Victor Scalzo
Project Manager, Via Design

Via Design has been working with SAI for over ten years. With every project we’ve shared, Matt and the team have provided creative approaches and valuable input. Their partnership with our projects contributes to the success of each design, and they’re a team we look forward to working with when a new one begins.

Dave Fordon Avatar
Dave Fordon
Executive Vice President, Kent Companies

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for all the contributions and commitments your group has made to our team. We seek out partners who embrace our people-first culture and share our commitment to safety, productivity, quality and customer service. Structural Associates, Inc. is a long-term and trusted resource for our team on industrial, renovation and municipal projects. SAI consistently develops solutions that advance our efforts and create value for our customers. Thank you again for being such a valuable member of our team.

Mike McLellen Avatar
Mike McLellen
V.P. of Manufacturing, Bradford White Corp.

Structural Associates has been an invaluable member of our team focused on expansion of our manufacturing and office areas.  Beginning in 2012, Bradford White has been “under construction” ever since.  The varied construction types of the BW facility complicated many aspects of the planning and execution of construction projects.  SAI has brought well engineered, creative solutions to our construction and expansion projects. We have been very satisfied with the level of teamwork, quality of work and timeliness SAI has brought to the team.

Dean Lantinga Avatar
Dean Lantinga
Facility and Maintenance Manager, Notions Marketing

SAI and Notions Marketing Corporation have worked together for many years, the last a 115,000 sf addition. They proved their worth once again during that project. Most notable was a mid-build design change that saved us a lot of money, time and disruption. SAI has a strong record of good customer service with me. I enjoy working with Matt and his team and look forward to more projects.

Brad Williams Avatar
Brad Williams
President, ASL Architecture|Design

ASL Architecture|Design has worked with SAI for over 20 years.  Our team effort has spanned from California to New York. Their professionalism and efficient work ethic have been the driving force for the long-term relationship.  SAI brings creativity and timely submittals to each project.  ASL will continue to partner with SAI on all scale of designs.

Ken Watkins Avatar
Ken Watkins
President, Architectural Concepts

We’ve worked with Structural Associates for 20 years and completed over 300 projects with them through that time, ranging from very small to very large. The one consistent theme through all of those projects remains their attention to detail and a close working relationship with our firm. When given structural design challenges, and specific architectural concerns about how we respond to those challenges, they’ve always managed to develop a solution that keeps both of us happy.

Gerald DePersia Avatar
Gerald DePersia
President, DePersia Architects

I have worked with Matt Kromke of Structural Associates Inc. for many years. I have found them very professional and responsive to my needs. Sometimes on rather short notice. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of structural engineering on any scale.

Nicole Badgero Avatar
Nicole Badgero
11/30/2021 - Google

Our firm has recently started working with SAI and has enjoyed collaborating with them on projects. We also appreciate that they use Revit, which helps make our coordination much more efficient.

Jack Brown Avatar
Jack Brown
11/30/2021 - Google

These guys are great to work with and are extremely knowledgeable. Always very fast and accurate.

marco Avatar
11/30/2021 - Google

I’ve used SAI several times this year in my work on structural repair jobs. Each time I have been impressed by the responsiveness and detail. SAI has been an asset in my professional life.

Steven ray Avatar
Steven ray
11/30/2021 - Google

I have done many projects using this company. Great customer service and great team of engineers. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing engineering services.

douglas dutkiewicz Avatar
douglas dutkiewicz
11/23/2021 - Google

Excellent professionalism and accuracy. Our #1 go to connection designer.

mark mcdowell Avatar
mark mcdowell
11/23/2021 - Google

Have worked with SAI on numerous projects over the pas few years. Very impressed by their attention to detail, speed of service and competitive fee structure. Highly recommend to all my clients.

ed carey Avatar
ed carey
11/23/2021 - Google

Five Star service, we use SAI team for all kinds of our engineering needs. Expect prompt and efficient service.

Joshua Moulter Avatar
Joshua Moulter
11/23/2021 - Google

We needed to have our home inspected for the installation of a new roof. Greg was super helpful and informative when it came to helping us understand the framing of our house. He addressed any concerns we had and was pleasant to have out. Heidi was awesome to work with and really took care of us despite some miscommunication on my end. Heidi and Greg really made us feel important and took care of our concerns. I would highly recommend SAI!

Brian Boogaard Avatar
Brian Boogaard
10/14/2021 - Google

SAI has been one of the few bright spots in our remodel horror story. They have designed several major structural fixes for us and in a few cases enabled us to make some moderate adjustments to avoid having to rip out and re-due entire walls with support headers encompassing multiple floors. Professional, accurate, detailed, timely, and UNDERSTANDABLE prints to work from.Respected our plans and worked with us to find solutions that kept our plans intact as much as possible yet still met code and look great. As the industry goes, sometimes inspectors make you jump through hoops they don't make others jump through &/or were not necessary to jump through just a few months prior. Fair/warranted or not, SAI handled it for us. Cutting through the politics and focusing what actually needs to happen.They could have taken us to task with unnecessary costs but they didn't. They could have declined the job(s) because they were to small for their bottom line compared to major dollar commercial stuff, but they didn't.We are pulling through, with light at the end of the tunnel. But without SAI's expertise with integrity I just don't think we would have made it.SAI did us Right and that is practically non-existent now days.

Tim Johnson Avatar
Tim Johnson
6/14/2021 - Google

we have worked with SAI for about 2 years now. Their response time is great and they are always willing to help out when your projects are time sensitive. highly recommended.

Amanda Korte Avatar
Amanda Korte
5/14/2021 - Google

Very Quick Responses and Turn Times. Very Easy to work with! Highly recommend!

Christine Rousseau-Benn Avatar
Christine Rousseau-Benn
3/14/2021 - Google

Nice to know that some people still go above and beyond. I rate them a 10, not 5!

Steve Orlando Avatar
Steve Orlando
1/14/2021 - Google

In my experience under the strong leadership of Matt Kromke, I have found SAI to be a dependable, practical, creative, knowledgeable, budget concise and a solutions driven team member. Regardless of what they have going on, they are always willing to assist in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend SAI for your Structural Consulting needs for your project.Steve OrlandoSr. Project ManagerRockford Construction

Dean Lantinga Avatar
Dean Lantinga
1/14/2021 - Google

We have a lot of experience working with SAI. Through the years they have done big and small project for us. I find them easy to work with. They get it done right and in time. On more than one occasion their professional advice during the design saved us a lot of time and money on the construction. Dean Lantinga, Notions Marketing Corp.

Mark Cooper Avatar
Mark Cooper
1/14/2021 - Google

Great company to work with! Very knowledgeable and helpful prior to and throughout projects.

Matthew Haenlein Avatar
Matthew Haenlein
1/14/2021 - Google

I worked with SAI on a large renovation project in Wyoming, MI. There were structural issues that were discovered during the excavation and throughout the course of the project. SAI did an excellent job reacting quickly in providing us sketches and field directives to help us work through the issues with the existing structure without impacting our schedule. Very responsive, and great customer service, highly recommended!

Brian Winkelmann Avatar
Brian Winkelmann
1/14/2021 - Google

Matt and his staff are timely, efficient, and knowledgeable regarding structural matters both new and forensically.They have been and remain a valuable Consultant on my Projects.Brian Winkelmann, RAPrincipal ArchitectWinkelmann Architecture, LLC

1/14/2021 - Google

SAI was easy to work with. They are honest and trustworthy, and they did the drawings for the stated price. Easy to communicate with and we will use them again. Delivered final drawings ahead of schedule.

anthony mourand Avatar
anthony mourand
1/14/2021 - Google

I have worked with SA, Inc. consistently for over 10 years and trust that their work is always done accurately and with their clients best interests in mind.

Eric De Witt Avatar
Eric De Witt
1/14/2021 - Google

Our office, Lucid Architecture, has worked with SAI multiple times over the years and we are always happy with the work and engineering they provide on our projects. From multi-million dollar custom homes to commercial office buildings, Matt and his team do a great job, the designs are well coordinated, and they get back to us quickly on questions.

travis timmer Avatar
travis timmer
1/14/2021 - Google

Great people to do Business with, from all aspects of Engineering to temporary bracing, SAI has the experience and know how to handle any project.

Christopher Nolan Avatar
Christopher Nolan
1/14/2021 - Google

As a consulting engineer in the HVAC and mechanical fields, I have worked with SAI on numerous projects over the past 5+ years, including hiring them direct when we need structural review for our own projects. I have always found Matt and the others at SAI to be prompt and thorough, and to provide me with sound advice on structural matters. The group at SAI is a real asset and I would recommend partnering with them on structural design matters to anyone.

damonporsche1 Avatar
1/14/2021 - Google

Structural Associates Inc. has been one of our greatest resources for Bradford White's growth over the years. Great partner to have and I recommend SAI to any company looking to grow! Thanks for all that you do!

douglas dutkiewicz Avatar
douglas dutkiewicz
1/14/2021 - Google

We use SAI for steel connection design, when needed. Matt Kromke provides proposals quickly. The service provided is always accurate and reliable. SAI is able to work within our standards and that of our fabricators.

David Taylor Avatar
David Taylor
1/14/2021 - Google

Great people to work with never too busy to help solve our problems encountered in changing field conditions, I highly recommend SAI for any engineering challenges.

Bob Marcinkewicz Avatar
Bob Marcinkewicz
1/14/2021 - Google

Working with this company has been and remains to be a real pleasure. Their work is always timely and complete. work is very complete and meets or exceeds any requirements we set forth. Employees are always courteous and pleasant to work with.

K Watkins Avatar
K Watkins
1/14/2021 - Google

We've worked with Structural Associates for more than 20 years and completed hundreds and hundreds of projects with them. They've always delivered great structural engineering services on a very timely basis. As the owner of a small architectural firm, I know that I can always count on SAI to meet or exceed my expectations and to creatively work within our project's requirements.

Ryan & Julie Schmader Avatar
Ryan & Julie Schmader
1/14/2021 - Google

I have worked with SAI over the last several years and I would highly recommend all of their services. Thank you for all your support!